Tonight's show is pouting, groovy and self-consciously slick throughout.

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London Camden Monarch


London Camden Monarch

[a]Mo Solid Gold[/a] have a plan: they’re going back to what they know. Featuring Boag and Julian from the brilliantly wired These Animal Men, they’ve taken a pen and a piece of paper and listed the requirements for a rock’n’soul revival, and then gone out and done it for real.

Singer K is the result of an ad run in a newspaper which was tactically worded with the Animal Men-esque warning, “Even if you’re one-millionth of a gimp, don’t bother.” K rose to the challenge and as a result there are many weak knees in the house due to his rock rasp and excellent posturing.

Tonight’s show is pouting, groovy and self-consciously slick throughout. [a]Mo Solid Gold[/a] have found a formula that drags in all their old heroes (James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder and even Television on the ironically named ‘Prince Of The New Wave’) and then mashes them together. It’s an energetic ride through songs like ‘David’s Soul’ and ‘Personal Saviour’, but the altitude gained at the outset is never elevated by the rest of the set. It’s a straight and level flight through rock showmanship and it’s a fine ride.

[a]Mo Solid Gold[/a] are slightly old men who are still in love with the soul-redeeming power of music. They can’t help but go out there and do it themselves. It’s not original or fresh, and treads a thin line between naff and glorious. But for now, at least, they’re staying on the righteous side.