London WC2 The End

Raving, we are raving...

Raving, we are raving. But the guy raving the hardest, jerking from side to side like a robot blowing a fuse, is up in the DJ booth perched behind a laptop. It’s his music – he can dance if he wants to.

He is Aleksi Perdld – [a]Ovuca[/a] to the literally dozens of people who have bought his records – and this is near enough a launch party for the Laplander’s second album, ‘Onclements’, on Aphex Twin‘s Rephlex label, a 71(!)-track work of magnificent scope and sonorous electronic beauty fashioned from the most rudimentary equipment.

Although this is not what he plays tonight. In fact, God knows [I]what[/I] you’d call the brain-frying barrage of sounds [a]Ovuca[/a] elicits from his machine. Part Aphex prodigy, part country-lad-comes- to-big-city innocent, Perdld toys with the crowd, splicing punch after punch of 200bpm gabba magic with klaxon-splattered hardcore riffs.

We return to find [a]Ovuca[/a] wiping his brow with a sweatband, grinning, as he guides the arrow on his screen to another hazardous sound-block.

Not as knowingly arch as fellow laptop evangelist Kid 606, nor, yet, a master of ultraviolent ruptures ` la Aphex, [a]Ovuca[/a] is a true original. But enough about his dancing – the music’s pretty interesting too.