Bright Eyes Vs Her Space Holiday

It's the more languid atmospherics of Her Space Holiday that ultimately win the day...

Where Wichita Recordings continues its policy of releasing quietly excellent

records. [a]Bright Eyes[/a] and [a]Her Space Holiday[/a] (respectively, vehicles

for the solo talents of Conor Oberst and Marc Bianchi) have both

already unveiled fantastic debut albums, and this four-track EP serves as a

useful reminder of them.

[a]Bright Eyes[/a] are the angrier and more angular

of the two (the main track here ‘The Calender Hung Itself’ is one of the

high points of their recent ‘Fevers And Mirrors’ album) but it’s the more

languid atmospherics of [a]Her Space Holiday[/a] that ultimately win the day.

James Oldham