Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

"There ain't no sub-genre for this. This is what we call ROCK! AN'! ROLL"

[I]”Aaah! Waan’! THA DRUGZ!”[/I] It takes a rare talent to make ‘Feel Good Hit Of The Summer’ sound subtle, but Seattle miscreants the [a]Supersuckers[/a] clearly have the skills to buy the pills.

‘The Evil Powers Of Rock’N’Roll’ roars out, firing on all cylinders sums up their entire ethos in three minutes. For, like the Ramones and the Vengaboys, the ‘Suckers have just the one song. Fortunately, it’s a choon imbued with the sort of 666 per cent proof rock’n’roll that could incite a whisky-fuelled knife fight in a monastery. They take their feet off the accelerator for one bluesy number, but it’s still the same song, fools. Just slower.

As frontman Eddie Spaghetti points out, he likes to write about “liquor, women, drugs, killing…” Yes, political statements are thin on the ground, but this is cowpunk cabaret, performed by four reprobates who would have been kicked out of Lynyrd Skynyrd for looking ‘too redneck’. Mr Spaghetti describes the ‘Suckers as “the greatest rock’n’roll band in the world”, and it’s a claim that’s hard to contest.

“There ain’t no sub-genre for this. This is what we call ROCK! AN’! ROLL” If you don’t get it, you’re either dead or really into The Bluetones. And the ‘Suckers can probably arrange the former.