London King’s Cross Water Rats

They've already got a good start.

If there’s one thing Sugar Coma have got, it’s the boys. Sweaty, half-naked boys, flailing amorously in the mini-moshpit. They’ve been reeled in, perhaps, by the Sugar Coma‘s frontline phalanx of cute 16-year-old girls, but you get the feeling they didn’t expect to enjoy themselves [I]this[/I] much.

Sugar Coma are surprising not only by virtue of their skilful ways with rawk riffs, but also because in singer Jessica Mayers they have a truly mercurial frontwoman. One moment, she’s cooing prettily, but seconds later she has transformed into a guttural, shrieking [I]Exorcist[/I] escapee. It’s quite unsettling, really.

The songs themselves are rudimentary – softly, softly… BLEURGH! – and each features [I]exactly[/I] the same bassline at some point, but they are laden with formidable bile. Give ’em time, and these girls could [I]really[/I] rock.

Sugar Coma‘s reference points are, of course, brazenly apparent. They’ve named themselves after a Hole song, for a start. But this is the Slipknot generation, weaned off grunge with nu-metal, valuing menace over tunes. Sugar Coma are adolescent innocents playing with the trappings of mythic decadence – Jessica looks like Saffron Republica with a pierced eyebrow and wears a ‘Heroin Rock Stars’ T-shirt on the cover of the band’s ‘Blisters’ single. It’s difficult to imagine these dollish young ladies ever really rivalling the likes of the ‘Knot, or even Amen – but they might just surprise us. They’ve already got a good start.

Oh, and don’t compare them to Kittie just because they’re girls. They’ll scratch your eyes out.