London Highbury Upstairs At The Garage.

[B]Supercoolwater[/B] prove tonight that they inhabit a decidedly shadowy universe...

Brighton’s Supercoolwater have already been compared to US bands such as [a]At The Drive-In[/a] and …Trail Of Dead. And while they might not shake gravity-defying Afros or jump about manically, they do share a sincerity and lyrical bleakness (“Dark shades of lost days/I wish I was lonely” – ‘Small Wonder’) that almost makes you forget that Pavement are on a sabbatical and Sonic Youth passed their sell-by date.

Supercoolwater‘s greatest charm is that there’s a deep, yearning melodicism to everything they do, whether they’re beguiling us with ever-building, sprawling epics or assaulting their instruments with finger-bleeding freneticism.

Occasionally, frontman James Cherry‘s voice veers towards flatness, but that’s part of his passion. His half-resigned, half-desperate Robert Smith-like vocals are infused with as much feeling as any amount of emo-core shriekings could ever be.

Supercoolwater prove tonight that they inhabit a decidedly shadowy universe. Pretty soon, you’ll be wanting to join them there.