Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

Yeah, it's called pop music, punk: got a problem with that?

Oh, the injustice. In the space of a summer, [a]Groop Dogdrill[/a] have gone from headlining a stage at the Lost Weekend to being dropped. Bloodied but unbowed, they’re on suitably defiant form tonight, with bassist Damo‘s newly-shaven head giving the look of Travis Bickle. A clutch of new material finds them continuing with the melodic direction of this year’s ‘Every Six Seconds’ LP, but it’s ‘Lovely Skin’ and ‘Simian Kind’, all Therapy? menace and Blues Explosion grind, which sound like revenge on the music industry.

Danny McCormack is no stranger to the trials of rock’n’roll. When The Wildhearts split, he was left with a serious drug habit that nearly claimed his life. Now cleaned up, it would be understandable if Danny felt that now was the time for the angsty acoustic confessional. Thankfully, he’s opted for The Yo-Yo’s: throwing up onstage, opening beer bottles with his teeth and singing insanely cheery songs like ‘Keepin’ On Keepin’ On’ and ‘Time Of Your Life’.

How catchy are these tunes? Here’s a clue: Epitaph, the label who brought us the not-exactly avant-garde The Offspring, rejected the band’s ‘Uppers And Downers’ album on the grounds that it was “too poppy”. Like there’s anything wrong with sounding like Eddie Cochran joining The Ramones to cover the [I]Grease[/I] soundtrack.

As far as The Yo-Yo’s are concerned, a chorus ain’t worth shit, unless at least three of them are yelling it and four chords are at least two too many. Yeah, it’s called pop music, punk: got a problem with that?