Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach

What more could you ask for?...

“I’d like to apologise to everyone who’s come here to dance tonight,” coos Euros Childs, floppy-haired frontman of [a]Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci[/a]. “Because there’s not a chance in hell that you can dance to this. It’s called ‘This Summer’s Been Good From The Start’.”

Poodle rocking, [a]Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci[/a] most certainly ain’t. Call it a sign of the times, perhaps; the last few months in Cardiff have seen something of a folk renaissance, with local promoters Folk Heroes putting on gigs by acoustic veterans such as Bert Jansch in local cafes and more intimate venues.

One of the night’s most vociferous supporters has been Euros himself, and new mini-album ‘The Blue Trees’ reveals a strongly acoustic, markedly traditional slant to the unfolding Gorky oeuvre. While in the hands of another band, this could be a cautionary lesson in tedium, tonight, shed from the clatter of drums and the squall of electric guitar, the frail likes of ‘Lady Fair’ and ‘Sbia Ar Y Seren’ – merely acoustic guitars, vocal harmonies, and the wail of a violin – are an unexpected delight.

A couple of years ago, unceremoniously dumped from Mercury, the very future of [a]Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci[/a] seemed in peril. But the way that they flourish now is proof that this is a band that cannot be weaned as a cash-cow. Far from it: that [a]Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci[/a] are still around is a peculiar affront to today’s aggressively fashionable, trend-obsessed music scene, and a very, very welcome one at that.

“We’re going to play one more new song,” declares Euros. “It might be a load of shit, but it might be quite good – we’ve haven’t quite decided yet.” It’s called ‘My Honey’, it’s a dust-kicking country-and-western hoe-down, and it finds Euros singing: [I]”My honey, my honey, she don’t love me no more/She’s screaming in my face, I’m a national disgrace/My honey, my honey, she don’t love me no more”[/I].

National disgrace? National treasure, more like. And guess what? We all got a chance to dance, as well. What more could you ask for?
Louis Pattison