Boston Axis

We like you a lot...

[a]At The Drive-In[/a]’s frontman Cedric Bixler is everywhere – hanging off the ceiling, crouched on the floor, airborne, lunging off the drum riser, perched atop the speakers, and thrashing in the curtains. His movements are [a]Mick Jagger[/a], no Prince, no rather some sort of hybrid Iggy Pop-and-locking thing. If it would sit still long enough we might be able to figure it out.
Bixler channels energy so fierce, it seems the microphone he nun-chucks around might be running current from a car battery. Plus the guy’s got a massive MC5 ‘fro.

As the math-rock fury of ‘Arc Arsenal’ goes ballistic, Bixler goes balletic, taking a brief break from his spasms for a little cymbal-biting before launching back in with a grand heave towards the crowd. Some brave soul shouts out for ‘Pickpocket’. “I’ll play ‘Pickpocket’ if you start slam dancing…how you like me now?” We like you a lot, but with our eyes and

ears already overloaded, we would be lucky if we could move at all.

Clear words cut through occasionally in the shout-a-long chorus of ‘Pattern Against User’-something gibberishy about heaven, the elderly, and limo abduction?!-but who really cares about that when Bixler is spinning around like a gyro and it’s fuzz-box freak-out time at the zoo. Same deal for ‘One-Armed Scissor’, it’s not as much a sing-a-long as a mumble-along. Godammit if that crackly guitar isn’t the sweetest thing since Sonic Youth though.

Plus Mr. left-handed guitar guy has an absolutely humungous ‘fro.

We slow for ‘Mannequin Republic’. A little keyboard and some clearer lyrics: [I]”Dancing on the corpses ashes”[/I]. Dancing indeed, on the corpses of shoegazers and the ashes of the dearly departed sit-down show.

Benjamin Wolford