Santa Barbara Bowl

The curfew can't come too soon...

Going to a hip-hop concert is like spending a couple hours on low-impact

aerobics. Between the Black Eyed Peas, De La Soul and Wyclef, the crowd tucked into the cosy Santa Barbara Bowl gets instructions to wave shirts, raise pointer fingers, shake things, scream, jump and dance.

Following a set by De La Soul that emphasises their latest LP

‘Art Official Intelligence’, with the staple ‘Me Myself and I’ thrown in for good measure, Wyclef finds himself at the reins of a few thousand kids more than happy to heed his direction. Three songs in, Wyclef

douses himself with a water bottle and with that baptism, assumes the role of emcee in the traditional sense of the word. Sure Wyclef raps plenty, lending vocals to new selections ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ ‘911’ and ‘Perfect Gentleman’, but like a good showman he also directs traffic on stage, bringing kids up to breakdance and sing, prepping his sister Melcky’s a capella rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ with an assurance that she’s good ([I]”She knows how to sing.Bobby

Brown brought his sister out on tour with him. That was wack”