/ Echoboy Edinburgh The Venue

STRONG>Echoboy's crazed musical propositions still make for an almighty headfuck....

In a night dedicated to complex sonic equations, Echoboy’s crazed musical propositions still make for an almighty headfuck. Richard Warren may have fled hobnailed trad-rockers The Hybirds to set out his space-boogie stall, but that band’s baggy essence may still be detected in Echoboy’s leaping, lysergic grooves.

It’s a mad mix for sure but, despite the slightest hint of muso self-indulgence, the ‘Boy pull it off with aplomb. Recent single ‘Telstar Recovery’, for example, explores the outer limits of Pink Floyd’s space-rock allotment, while vocoderised hop ‘Kit And Holly’ displays a perfect grasp of ’80s robo-pop dynamics. Tonight, Warren and co’s inscrutable racket comes pretty damn close to full-on cosmic ecstasy.

Add N To (X) are, on the other hand, entirely free of extraneous trappings. Indeed, their futuristic [I]oeuvre [/I]is so stripped down, you can almost spot the chrome tendons rippling beneath their brilliantly realised, art-rock posturing. Where once the Adds’ machine was blighted by a self-conscious po-facery, latest album ‘Add Insult To Injury’, sees them morph into hilarious, dextrous perv-boffins.

So, tonight, we get glam frontlady Ann seductively caressing a theramin, topless organ-mangler Barry simulating naked sex with what looks like a car engine, and oodles of hot-off-the-press krautrockin’ [I]avant[/I]-brilliance, like fab new single ‘Plug Me In’. It’s [I]The Nutty Professor[/I] meets [I]Flesh Gordon[/I]. It’s completely daft and utterly, fantastically rock’n’roll. Who would have thought maths could be so much fun?

Sarah Dempster