Berlin Maria am Ostbahnhof

Leave your guitar straps at home...

The Le Tigre idea is simple. Sample the best bits of your record collection, spend anguished months discovering how to sequence and program them, then take to the stage, hit play and go mental. Oh, and leave your guitar straps at home.

It could have been appalling. It could have been all art, short films, politics and feminism. Of course, it’s all about that, but finally those noisy riot ladies are about great music too. Le Tigre are not your average candy-popping chicks on speed. The trials and errors of Kathleen Hanna (plus dance-along mates Sadie Benning and Johanna Fateman) have produced a groovy, delicious, head-spinning rapathon that finally brings the music on a par with the politics.

Yes there are guitars here too, sequenced somewhere in the background. But if you’re looking for riotous girl-guitar heroes, you’re looking for people that probably never existed.

Tonight it’s “Do you like to fuck?” sung to the refrain of ‘Oops Upside Your Head’. It’s calls to “stuff me up” and taunts that “I’m the bitch you should get with”. The East Coast twang and the frenetic hands-free approach to this live set is somehow familiar. Maybe if the Beastie Boys had gotten that Salt’n’Pepa collaboration off the ground…

There’s no ‘Hot Topic’ here, the cooler-than-thou album title track that name-checks the band’s collective female heroes. It’s too syrupy for tonight’s show. And there’s not much chance the Berlin crowd will know who Vaginal Creme Davis is anyway.

Caroline Gibney