Sugababes may not just be rocking your world: they're revolutionising the way pop works, too...

Think the Madonna Brixton show was exclusive? Think again: the Sugababes’ central London concert this afternoon is so super-posh that the public don’t even know it’s happening. This has all been set up so that the Sugababes can ‘prove’ to the media that they can ‘do it’ live.

Yes, you heard right. Let’s rewind that ‘the public’ bit. Sugababes have made their name – or the name they have so far – on being aloof and cool. And there’s no more cool than the opening performance of ‘Overload’ here at Ronnie Scott’s (v. credible) jazz club this afternoon.

So cool, in fact, that when NME.COM asked the people at the Babes’ label if we could record this afternoon’s performance so that we could show you, ‘the public’, how good the Sugababes are, they flatly refused. Maybe they don’t care as much about what the fans think as they do about what the press think. Which obviously is in stark contrast to conventional pop bands – who’ll do everything for their fans, but don’t care that much about anyone else.

Then again, Sugababes are hardly your conventional pop band: through tracks like the brilliant show-the-All Saints-how-to-do-it ‘Lush Life’ and the TLC-taut ‘Just Let It Go’, they dress the same (but their black tops and jeans are hardly too showy), they have dance routines (but their synchronised hip-wiggling is hardly in the Steps aerobic league), and they have male dancers (but, er, they don’t move. They just stand there).

Basically the Sugababes have done everything in the wrong order (single before showcase, album before single, showcase after album), but in throwing their career into the air they’re enjoying the sight of the whole thing landing on the floor, not in order, but in a way that makes perfect sense. Sugababes may not just be rocking your world: they’re revolutionising the way pop works, too.

Peter Robinson