Cash Money Millionaires/Nelly/Kandi : Boston Worcester Centrum

For those of you at home, the sound goes "chi-ching"...

Like Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott before her, Kandi has an impressive CV, having penned TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ and Destiny’s Child’s ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’. She has the tight-bodied slick dancing and R&B trimmings too, but the crowd just isn’t buying it. Halfway into the girls-on-the-pull anthem ‘Don’t Think I’m Not’ they’re looking for something crazier like Left Eye, cockier like Beyonce, bubblier like Missy, or maybe just the concession stand.

The people buying it is not the issue for Nelly. They already have. At 22 years old, the man is simply massive. His smoked-out, St. Louis slouch and pocketful-of-playground-styled anthems are what the people came to see. While earlier Nelly may have relied too much on his squad of St. Lunatics, he steps right up like a star bright enough for the glitzy lighted sign that bears his name. On ‘Ride Wit Me’ he says, “I can’t complain (no more)/Shit I’m the man now”, and he’s right. For the revved up raw-power gusto of ‘Batter Up’ he and the Lunatics work both side of the stage, running back and forth like they’re out for recess. If that isn’t enough to send the crowd into hysterics, here comes ‘Country Grammar’ with the hook-that-won’t-go-away. Being at the top looks like fun.

What do Mannie Fresh and ‘Baby’ Williams of the Cash Money Millionaires do for fun? Spend and make money. As they emerge from a twin set of diamond stage-props to a burst of glittery fireworks, Cash Money make it clear that they are about cash money…and diamonds…and maybe hoes too. When they fan out for ‘Get Your Roll On’, they’re talking about their Rolexes.

Like them or not, Cash Money are a living success story. They literally defined the flashy “money ain’t a thing” bling-o-ling style with their ode to diamonds, ‘Bling Bling’. What they lack of Nelly’s charisma, they are happily making up on the back end. It helps that they have such a low overhead. Cash Money is all lowbrow rhymes, low production cranked up at high volumes, and a trunk full of booty-shaking bass. Lil’ Wayne’s ‘Tha Block Is Hot’ gets them where it counts – and the asses shake. Juvenile drives it home with a glorious ‘Back That Azz Up’, the room bouncing, and shouting “Girl, you looks good, won’t you back that azz up”

For those of you at home, the sound goes “chi-ching”.

Benjamin Wolford