Aaron Carter: Boston Avalon

Nick Backstreet's lil' brother drives the tots crazy in Boston</strong...

Aaron Carter is a fucking rock star. Yes, the sawed-off little brother of Backstreet’s Nick Carter – all 78 pounds and 13 years of him – is a goddamn rock star. The kid doesn’t want to show you the shape of his heart. He has no interest in line dancing. He just knows what a squealy, train-tracked, pre-teen girl wants and will be forgoing asking permission, and getting on with entertaining them.

So here comes the cocksure self-proclaimed ‘Little Prince Of Pop’, flared silver pants and a sleeveless, studded leather top, with more high-energy action than a little girl could fit into a Hello Kitty journal. Carter doesn’t bother with balladry, opting instead to bust out song after up-tempo

song, every other one having the word “party” in it. He strides through ‘Tell Me What You Want’, busts a beat box breakdown, and bounces through ‘Shake It’. Nevertheless, for all the shrillness and handmade “Aaron rulez” signs, the half-pints act as if they might as well be watching TV.

The manufactured, hey-hey-we’re-The-Monkees-marketed-world of MTV pop culture is a spoon-fed one and the screaming fits are as dead on cue as most of Carter’s dance moves. Aaron finishes a song, they scream. Aaron asks if everyone is having a good time, they scream. For the rest of the time, they just sit there, just about slipping off mom’s shoulders, all gap-mouthed and blank stared, with some occasional hands-over-ears action.

No worries though. Carter’s voice may not have dropped yet, but he is a veteran. So, once he’s got the girls screaming, he’s on to their mothers, dropping funkytown flashbacks in the form of a revved-up ‘Iko Iko’ and candy-flossin’ version of Bow Wow Wow’s ‘I Want Candy’. This isn’t just kid’s stuff. Carter means – hell, he is – business, dancing through the volley of forehead-level flung flowers with a stage grin. Primadonna popstars could learn something here.

To top it all off, Carter slam-dunks the funk in Five’s faces with the Fresh Prince-does-“I think I can beat Mike Tyson”-esque ‘That’s How I Beat Shaq’.

Oops. It doesn’t take too many of his one-handed cartwheels to realize that

Aaron Carter only has one trick. Sure, he may have all his strings attached, but boy, he’s swinging from them. In four years he’ll be

touring with the Stones.

Ben Wolford