Paris Radio Blue Black Sessions

Irony of ironies, as[B] Snoop[/B] is "pom-pom"-ing his way through a paean to firepower, there's a bang...

It’s packed, uncomfortably so. full to overflowing, even. Wherever you care to look, people are jammed into spaces too small to contain them. But it’s not musicians or rappers or even an indigenous population of nodding homies who fill the Subterania’s minute stage tonight. It’s security men, arms firmly crossed and eyes unflinchingly fixed on the crowd.

Clearly, TUPAC-style martyrdom doesn’t appeal too much. Just because DOGG‘s new album ‘Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told’ sees him preaching unequivocal unity between races and warring hip-hop factions alike, doesn’t mean his enemies are ready to listen.

But, hey, even the very real prospect of being blown to smithereens at any second isn’t without its advantages. Just the sight of SNOOP‘s army is enough to lend a certain dangerous frisson to events, even before their employer appears. And while he may joke about his predicament, walking on to the strains of ‘Murder Was The Case’ sporting a balaclava, its legacy seems to be an adrenalin-filled urgency where once super-slackness reigned supreme.

Thus, ten minutes in and he’s dispensed four tracks and more ‘motherf–ers’ than the entire Southern States combined. No time to mess around. That suits us just fine. At the core of it all, of course, is Snoop himself. He’s a surprisingly striking presence, sly smile invariably spread across his face as he works his way through new tracks like ‘Woof’, perfect for British crowds reared more on handy beats than insidious R&B.

Until it happens. Just, irony of ironies, as Snoop is “pom-pom”-ing his way through a paean to firepower, there’s a bang. The security men jump into combat and Snoop is quickly bundled away. Eventually, he reappears, promising ‘1,000 to “the motherf–ers who fuck up the motherf–ers who fucked up my show” and battling on with ‘Gin And Juice’ and its apt refrain about [I]”looking out for my enemies”[/I].

And thus the legend of Snoop is endowed with another chapter. Pity those enemies of his, they’ve got a hard task ahead of them. Tonight he seems more unassailable than ever.