I Am Kloo : London W1 100 Club

The week their excellent 'Natural History' album is released, I Am Kloot give it some live...

Hey, is there a band on?

London’s chattering classes have come out to play tonight, and it seems that not even Johnny Bramwell’s bittersweet kitchen sink symphonies are gonna make them shut up and listen.

Shame, really. Maybe it’s because the band belt out roughly the same set they’ve been playing for a good while now, and these achingly trendy motormouths presume they’ve seen it all before. Well, they don’t know what they’re missing. Like the troopers they are, I Am Kloot refuse to condemn the irritants, and simply ignore them, preferring to concentrate on those who are aware they have stumbled on something special.

Lest we forget, most of these tracks appear on I Am Kloot‘s debut LP, ‘Natural History’, released this very week. There are people here who are only just beginning to fall for Bramwell’s unflinching acoustic vignettes, which, though gloriously heartfelt, are almost completely devoid of cliche.

And, what’s more, they’re cracking tunes. ‘Morning Rain’ is Oasis stripped of all bombast and baggage, while Ray Davies would surely be proud of ‘Twist”s still-chilling tale of domestic drama. And there are a couple of surprises – the strident, jaunty ‘Bigger Wheels’ is given its live debut, and the closing ‘Stop’ is so primal even the most annoying punter is forced to stop yapping so they can, like, pick their jaw up off the floor.

We may be hearing the same old stories, but they’re well worth listening to again – even if some people don’t think it’s worth the effort.

Alan Woodhouse