Atomic Kitten: Liverpool Lomax

Atomic Kitten play live properly (sort of) for the first time ever...

Though it may seem a strange claim to anybody who’s seen Atomic Kitten, in either of their incarnations, plodding their way around the roadshow circuit over the past two years, tonight’s charity show in the litter’s home city of Liverpool really is their first ever actual proper live concert. Or ‘gig’, as people who wear black all the time would probably call it. Backed by the Fat Cats, we’ve been promised a live stormer this evening so it’s something of a shame that when Liz, Tash and Jenny storm onto the stage (not, fortunately, via the gift of abseiling) something goes tits up.

Not tits up in the nude perky ‘Whoops here are some topless shots I did’ sense – more in the ‘the live band are playing along to a tape’ kinda way. Things take a turn for the Spinal when the Fat Cats attempt to play live, then blow an amp. This is obviously highly rock’n’roll behaviour and a signal that the evening is about to be mindblowingly, as well as speakerblowingly, ace.

Embarrassing silence over, the Kitten kick off their charity-come-karaoke pajama party properly with ‘Right Now’, swiveling their slim fit hips, bounding around like cats with fireworks up their butts and screeching into microphones that a few years ago surely were hairbrushes. All that’s missing to truly make it a proper slumber soiree is a big pillow fight, but even that seems to be taken care of by the twentysomethings poised with shandies in one hand and their oversized purses int the other, with which they insist on wholloping NME.COM as they gleefully sway around.

The girls’ live vocals on TV shows like ‘CD:UK’ show that there’s vocal talent in the band but there are times, like when Liz struggles through ‘Cradle’ or during the well-chosen Bangles cover ‘Eternal Flame’ that you wonder whether a backing tape isn’t really such a bad idea after all.

But no one really notices, as the flame-haired Tash carries the whole thing through, belting out new track ‘You Are’ and old fave ‘I Want Your Love’ while leading hundreds of mums, daughters and grown men through a singalong of chart buster ‘Whole Again’. Never mind whole again, though – the Kitten, are home again, and they’re having the time of their lives.

Jolie Lash