Bugged Out!: Manchester Sankeys Soap

Bugged Out returns to Manchester with Jon Carter and more...

Tonight, there are no glowsticks. There are no elephant-legged reflective neon cyber pants, no looped pipe cleaner hair extensions, no Pokemon back packs, no dummies on strings of UV beads, flashing safety lights or toy Hoovers and not a single person is stirring invisible cups of tea in the air. Mild exception of some muddy urban face paint aside, the effort of dolling up

to welcome Bugged Out’s triumphant (one-off) return to its original home, on this crowd is a completely lost concept.

Though cyber-mania’s taken over since Bugged Out last set foot at Manchester second most nostalgic clubbing venue, Sankeys Soap (who closed in 1998 when the shutting of the Hacienda sent its own ‘Gangchester’ troubles the other side of Piccadilly), the occasional regulars showing their faces again, and converts of the last three years are here for the music not the clobber, and that’s what this club has always been about.

Punching the air, sweating like a warthog and dancing to the death, or end of the club (whichever comes first) to Suburban Knight replacement DJs Octave One’s demanding techno – that’s Bugged Out. As is Jon Carter, taking a funky lukewarm set and out of leftfield dropping in Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’, before revealing he’s actually a hard bastard smacking out the funk and bringing on the bass. And of course, long time residents James Holroyd and Rob Bright downstairs playing big and beefy house and techno is [I]definitely[/I] Bugged Out.

There was some worry earlier this week by some of the club staff that the original patrons were going to cause an “it’s not the same” fuss on Bugged Out’s return homecoming after experiencing the big city superclub lights in London and Liverpool. And it was a worthwhile concern, because it wasn’t the same. It was better.

Jolie Lash