Def Tex: London Madame Jo Jo’s

Brithop with bite from veteran UK crew Def Tex...

It’s hard not to like a group who leave it fourteen years to get their first album out. In this sense at least, the veteran UK hip hop crew Def Tex make the legendary procrastinations of the Stereo MC’s look lightweight by comparison. Finally, however, the group’s long playing debut ‘Serene Bug’ is to be released on SON Records and it’s this which prompts their appearance at Mixamatosis at Soho’s Madame Jo Jo’s.

Def Tex were done no small favour by the club’s preceding DJ duo. The ethos of Mixamatosis might be to mix up the musical genre’s but someone had obviously failed to relay this to the DJs who instead bludgeoned us with a relentless and gruelling drum’n’bass set.

As a result, Def Tex’s rather shambolic arrival onstage was greeted with not a little relief and signalled a rush onto the empty dancefloor. As MC’s Anthropologist, Chrome and DJ Sure Delight launched into an old skool flavoured opener, the feeling that this wasn’t going to be some slick American style workout was confirmed when at the end of the second number MC Anthropologist threw some kazoo’s into the audience (which as he pointed out didn’t actually work) and later still showered us with packets of crisps.

By the third song, ‘Hey Tune In’, taken from 1998’s EP ‘Poetic Speech Techniques’, an MC calling himself Joe (actually Def Tex collaborator DPF) joined the group for some speed rapping before announcing he was heading back to the bar. At this point the earth lead from one of the decks dislodged and started buzzing but the crew gamely battled on.

Settling into more tracks from their LP, it was standard UK indie hip hop all the way as Def Tex matched early ’90s rhyme styles to samples no doubt lovingly dug from the crates of Sue Ryder Charity shops in

time honoured style. Finally, the red t-shirted figure of one of Mixamotisis’s DJ duo reappeared at the decks readying himself no doubt for a fresh jungle onslaught upon the group’s exit. Leaving Def Tex to their final number it was definitely time to go.

Tony Farsides