Delinquent Habits : London Camden Jazz Cafe

Emerging from record label hell, LA's Delinquent Habits prove ready to fulfil their potential...

Hip-hop might’ve originated from the Bronx, but it’s spread to every corner of the globe. And the infection goes both ways; the more international a music it becomes, the more influences it absorbs and the broader the sound gets.

Take the burgeoning Latino hip-hop quarter: once a marginalised province, it has mercilessly hijacked mainstream hip-hop culture, through the music of crews like The Beatnuts, Cuban Link and Big Pun (RIP). LA’s Delinquent Habits, sometime bong-mates with Cypress Hill, have spent the last couple of years in record label hell, but on the evidence of tonight’s show, they’re more than ready to re-emerge.

Delinquent Habits aren’t exactly subtle and they tend to rap a lot about [I]”going loco”[/I] but their strength lies in the sheer swaggering stomp of their tracks. Single ‘Return Of The Tres’ boasts the most irresistible and brilliantly obvious hook since ‘Simon Says’, a trick they repeat on ‘The Kind’ with similarly fine results. Impressive freestyles from Ives and co-rapper Kemo aside, Delinquent Habits are brilliantly unconcerned with any concepts of rap purism, preferring to burn the rulebook and just cook up the finest rabble-rousing crossover hip-hop since Cypress got too blunted.

Come the summer you won’t be able to resist.

Stevie Chick