Ozzfest Kerrang Stage : Milton Keynes Bowl

Disturbed, Mudvayne and Amen on Ozzfest's Kerrang Stage...

12 noon

Although he’s not keen on the world knowing it, Apartment 26’s singer Biff is the son of Black Sabbath bass player Geezer Butler. As the works of Julian Lennon could testify, a life of swimming pools and snooker tables in your bedroom isn’t the best preparation for being a rock and roll singer, but Biff certainly tries his hardest. Biff may have a great metal voice, pecs to die for and model looks, but not even a leap from the lighting rig can raise Apartment 26’s dance-tinged industrial metal racket above the ordinary.


A human skull sits atop Zaak Wylde’s microphone stand and a six-inch thick chain hangs from his wallet. A leader of the old school, Zaak used to play lead guitar with Ozzy Osbourne and judging by the length of his guitar solos, he’s not about to launch into a rap about his unhappy childhood. Mid-song he screams “Fuck Limp Bizkit!” and half the crowd cheers. The other half adjust their boiler suits and wait for…


Mudvayne. The undisputed kings of the burgeoning ‘stupid face paint’ movement, Kud, Gurrg, sPaG and Ryknow scream, jump and holler their way through a handful of short, sharp brutalising rock-rap songs, including one dedicated to the cannibalistic necrophile killer Ed Gein. The band introduce the song by holding up Gein as a shining example of “doing whatever you feel is in your heart to be right”.


Similarly devoid of traditional morals, Amen ail against the exploitATIONS, corporATIONS and corrupTIONS of the modern world in typically blistering form. Casey Chaos’ voice is torn to shreds but that only adds to Amen‘s trashy LA punk rock vibe. Even though he’s upset about multinational corporations, Casey still wants us all to raise two fingers in the air in celebration of “Britney Spear‘s pussy”. “I know you like it. Even the ladies. I think you do. I think you do,” he grins.


Sadly, that’s the last taste of filth the second stage has to offer, because new-age nu-metallers Disturbed are the headliners. The disappointing thing about this group and the songs that they play from their ‘Sickness’ album, is that there’s little that’s disturbing or sick about any of it – apart from bald-headed-singer David Draiman’s tiny platinum blond pony tail. Draiman tempers the group’s crunching, indentikit rap rock with camp, theatrical flourishes and at one point even engages the Disturbed faithful into what he calls “group therapy by way of primal scream”. He encourages us to project all our darkness and fear into him and in turn he will help us out by singing a cover of Tears For Fears’ ‘Shout’. Despite his best efforts, our moods are darkened considerably.

Andy Capper

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