Frisky : Northampton Legends

Finally, Northampton gets a local club worth shouting about...

Northampton, eh? Not exactly Club Central. But Frisky, tonight’s hosts of the town’s first ever all-nighter, is a superclub in the making. Its gathering momentum is picking up star DJ’s, rave reviews and very long queues.

They’ve invited along Scott Bond, Guy Ornadel and Jeremy Healy. Yes, progressive maybe the coolest, but I don’t think Northampton and a 5 hour Danny Howells set are ready for each other just yet.

Healy is up first, and despite a CV of calamities (handbags, haircuts, etc) plays an affable set – even the Paul Oakenfold remix of ‘Street Spirit’ by indie miserabilists Radiohead goes down well. Promoter Andy Gordon is just as upbeat as the crowd – his hands are aloft by the decks, looking strangely reminiscent of an enthusiastic redcoat at Butlins.

The music is mixed – shamefully there is a Darren and Tracy room “going off” downstairs, and occasionally Darren, or Tracy, pops upstairs and stares aghast at mashed cyberkids dancing to loud banging noises. Distant kebabs summon the masses at about 2am as Scott Bond weighs in with trance a la Gatecrasher, and [I]that[/I] remix of ‘Star 69’. It’s Guy Ornadel, however, who steals the show – and by 4am he is playing to the hardcore Frisky elite.

Most Northampton clubbers are forced to travel to Passion or Godskitchen to get their weekly fix. But, at last, in Frisky, there is a local club for local people. In a couple of years, who knows? A concept album and a club in Ayia Napa. Just maybe.

Jay Munro