No Artists Found : Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

Make way for the newest queen of pop...

With the air of a woman born for the stage, Icelandic Heidrun Anna flicks her hair over her shoulders and scans the crowd with kohl-rimmed eyes. Though drummer Paul Maguire has an At The Drive-In Afro and guitarist Paul Cavanagh used to play with Oasis’ mates, Smaller, it’s difficult to watch anyone but her. After only 20 seconds onstage she’s even being heckled by certain unsavoury male members of the crowd. One look kills them dead.

There’s no denying we’ve seen her sort before. She’s the absolute physical double of The Cardigans’ Nina Persson. Though the comparison will no doubt haunt her, it doesn’t do Heidrun justice either. She’s got a far more dangerous edge.

There’s far more to get your teeth into musically, too. Tonight, especially, Heidrun has a sore throat and her voice is husky. This stops their pop songs getting too pretty and adds a dose of grit. That balance works best in forthcoming single ‘New York Boy’, but best of all is the ’70s disco shimmer of ‘This Is All I Need (Disco Song)’ that has the glitzy chorus Kylie could only dream of. Make way for the newest queen of pop.

Siobhan Grogan