Wyclef Jean : Stockholm Globen

Showmanship, charisma and hit tunes in excelsis.

When Wyclef Jean comes to town he doesn’t settle for putting on just a concert, instead he turns Stockholm’s most controversial venue, Globen, into one gigantic house party. The place was jumping literally as was Wyclef himself for almost two hours straight. The man knows how to put on a show.

Say what you will about him collaborating with everyone but your grandma, but live you cant beat a performance by Wyclef. Be you goth, punk, hip-hop or raver, you’ve got to give it up for him. Entering the stage by scooter to the theme from ‘Shaft’, he then heads straight into a sombre version of ‘No Woman No Cry’, just to cut it short by going into a series of hits including ‘We Trying To Stay Alive’, ‘Gone Till November’, ‘911’ and ‘Perfect Gentleman’. Not a special effect in sight, just him and charisma in abundance.

In between his own songs he manages to cram in bits and pieces of songs from all over the place, regardless of age, genre or artist. During these he gets a chance to breakdance (‘White Lines’), to invite a young girl from the audience to help out on ‘It Doesn’t Matter’, to change shirts with the head of security, to head out into the audience for a chat – to do pretty much everything imaginable. He even gives Elvis Presley-style rock a go for a while.

And then, when all is said and done, two hours have passed and every single person in there has become a happier person because of it. As an entertainer Wyclef Jean reigns supreme.

Douglas Norstrm