London W1 St Moritz Club

[a]Arturo[/a] are the most seductive London band since, well, [a]Suede[/a]...

Bohemia’s not dead. It’s just been waiting in the crypt for a band like [a]Arturo[/a] to reanimate it. Their supporting circus tonight includes acrobats, Egyptian belly dancers, psycho strippers and a string quartet and, as the sensual elegance of ‘Angelo’ unfolds, it’s apparent that [a]Arturo[/a] have spent many a long hour draped on the chaise longue in the salon of otherworldliness.

The eye make-up and cocktail dresses flaunted by the shared vocals front line of classically-trained Amy, Edwardian dude Jasper and exquisite waif Finn are not however the usual accessories to glam murder. Five pieces of guitar, keyboards, cello, drums and bass summon up a set of elegant little art-rock beauties.

The multi-level harmonies’n’drone of swoonable debut single ‘Former’ is a full-blown romance in a bottle of absinthe. For sure there’s a Roxy Music decadence to them, but you could also throw in Pulp gone Sylvian or Syd Barrett gone avant-grunge.

With their ornate, ethereal vocals, pop feel, and Byron‘s buddies charisma they are the perfect boho troubadours for the end-of-century recession party. By the end of ’99 you should be on intimate terms with their lotus-licking genius. [a]Arturo[/a] are the most seductive London band since, well, Suede.