The Cult : London Brixton Academy

Business as usual for Britain's favourite rehab rockers...

Most groups lose it when they ditch drink and drugs in favour of carrot juice and yoga.

The endless parade of has-beens spilling out their sorry stories on programmes like VH-1’s ‘Behind The Music’ is sickening and pathetic beyond belief. They only do it to promote their shitty ‘comeback’ albums in a bid to squeeze yet more hard-earned money out of the sweaty palms of their deluded fanbase.

Happily, Britain’s favourite rehab rockers The Cult are the exception to the rule.

Seemingly as loopy as ever, Ian Astbury has a red stripe painted across his face and wears an outfit that looks like it was used by an extra in the last Marilyn Manson video. He jumps up and down the stage using a cod – American accent to tell us things like: “English music is shit; There’s too many mod haircuts, too many pairs of Clarks shoes” while his ageing fanbase shake their heads and wonder what the fuck he’s talking about.

For a band now 17 years old, their new material is surprisingly effective but it’s the old hits like set opener ‘Little Devil’ and set closer ‘Love Removal Machine’ that really connect tonight.

It’s business as usual then, despite the lack of cocaine.

Andy Capper