A band with one eye on America's taste for stadium electronica...

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Skinny : Nottingham Rock City


Skinny : Nottingham Rock City

Two years ago, Skinny were being tipped for chart success off the back of an annoyingly catchy single called, ironically, ‘Failure’. Tonight, they’re playing with a local stoner rock band on a night sponsored by a lager company.

As it’s still light, there’s echoes of mid-afternoon in the festival dance tent but new material like E-munching anthem ‘Coming Up Roses’ with its swaggering “I’m the king of England” chorus, hints that this London four-piece have at least one eye on America’s taste for stadium electronica. The dubby ‘Morning Light’ is the other side of the coin, a sombre tale of doing an early-morning runner from a doomed relationship, while a spritely run through ‘Failure’ finally gets some response from the crowd.

Victory clawed from the jaws of defeat, then, but only by the thinnest of margins.

Martin Horsfield