Electric Soft Parade : London Camden Dingwalls

Retro rock from Brighton's Electric Soft Parade...

Kid Galahad: oh, they’ve got the moves. The ‘personality’ guitarist, the ‘irrepressible’ singer, the songs with DNA tests to prove that Blur ‘n’ Verve ‘n’ Uncle Noel were all involved somewhere. Just a little too slick, Kid. Which isn’t something you could level at Brighton’s Electric Soft Parade.

Here, surely, is proof of the detrimental effect cannabis smoking can have on the young. From the minute they shuffle meekly onstage, it’s evident something’s up. Bass player Mat Thwaites looks so nervous you’d imagine it was the day of his driving test and his AS-levels combined. Alex White at least attempts some bravado, gamely declaring, “Let’s get this in the Top 40!” prior to Elastica-like new single ‘There’s A Silence’. At this point his voice exits the building, and having retreated behind the drums, it’s left to brother Tom to take centre-stage for the gentle interlude of ‘Sleep Alone’.

Thank goodness. Because aside from being the best loose-limbed drummer since Danny Supergrass, Tom has the looks and manner of James Walsh minus the nails-down-a-blackboard voice.

Crisis averted, Alex returns to centre-stage and, having apologised yet again, launches into 20-minute psych-out ‘Silent To The Dark’, which is as much a tribute to the quality of weed on the south coast as it is to The Doors. Dreamy.

Jason Fox