Ken Stringfellow : London Camden Dingwalls

Ex-Posie Ken Stringfellow joined by Mike Mills and Robyn Hitchcock to promote solo album...

Returning to London to promote solo album ‘Touched’, ex-Posie Ken Stringfellow called on some friends to help make the show something special.

That said friends – Robyn Hitchcock (Soft Boys), Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows/The Minus 5) and Mike Mills (REM) – happened to have been the architects of indie-rock, and that a constant river of tequila pours to the stage, courtesy of well-meaning fans means that ‘something special’ resembles more of glorious drunken party with your cool uncles than a gig.

There’s haphazard cover-versions agogo – ‘California Dreaming’, an impressive ‘Day In The Life’ and in the middle, Ken delivers a solo set of incongruous, considered beauty. Hitchcock, meanwhile, burbles like Peter Cook through fragile psychedelic songs like ‘Queen Of Eyes’ and the pro-homo hit ‘Ted, Woody & Junior’. Later, a Mike Mills -led country song called ‘Don’t Go Back To Rockville’ brings tears to many an eye.

Like all parties, it all ends probably after it should have, but as a celebration of some impressive leftfield songbooks – well, you should’ve been there.

Stevie Chick