Sum 41/ The Parkinsons : London Brixton Academy

See-through boxer shorts....oo-er missus...

8.10pm: The Parkinsons (according to those ‘in the know’, Portugal’s equivalent of the MC5) saunter on stage and launch into their anthem ‘Bad Girl’.

8.15pm: All four members of the band are topless, whilst the guitarist – who appears to have both legs in plaster casts – is down to see-through boxer shorts.

8.21: The singer is now crawling around the front of the stage with his trousers round his ankles. His cock is dangling out of his black rock star pants and the place is in uproar. A huge chant of “off, off, off!” starts up. This is countered by a pro-Parkinson moshpit who scream their allegiance.

8.42pm: There’s been nothing this good since the early Manics!

8.44pm: The band are coming to the end of a ten minute Stooges-like freakout. A whirlwind of plastic glasses hits the stage. The near-naked band bob’n’weave the missiles like the garageland gods they are. When the feedback ends, there’s a deafening roar. Gig of the year.

Until Sum 41 turn up. As short on material as they are in stature, Toronto’s finest deliberately keep their two major weapons, the almighty ‘In Too Deep’ and ‘Fat Lip’ as far away from each other as possible. Good move. Trouble is, it means long periods where their one dimensional ‘American Pie’ geek rock is left hopelessly exposed, for all the frantic guitar thrashing and singer Bizzy D ‘s relentless good humour. Green Day‘s sleeping patterns can remain untroubled.

Not that the 41 don’t give it everything they’ve got. Gimmicks abound: girls are invited on-stage to play ‘Twister’; metal hits through the ages from Iron Maiden to Judas Priest -who get the biggest cheer, bizarrely- get played on request; we even get to hear Bizzy ‘s thoughts on the UK (he thinks ‘it’s cool’).

As a finale, the crowd even gets split up for a strength-sapping call and response session.

“Let’s hear you in the balcony!” screams drumming-rapper Stevo 32 looking skywards.It’s empty: closed due to lack of ticket sales. Do the math.

Jason Fox