Strokes : New York City Apollo Theater

Nobody who was here tonight will ever forget this amazing show...

To celebrate the end of a year that has seen rise from nobodies to the world’s hottest group, [a]Strokes[/a] have decided to throw a party. Unsurprisingly, it’s the hottest ticket in town.

It’s New Year’s Eve in New York City so everybody is pretty excited, especially the girl in the homemade ‘I Love Fab’ T-shirt.

By the time [a]Strokes[/a] hit the stage at around 10.45pm the atmosphere inside the Apollo Theater is positively electric. As they launch into a new song called ‘Ze Nuie’ half the audience are having minor heart attacks. Everyone is off their seats and dancing in the aisles. The normally subdued [a]Strokes[/a] themselves are ecstatic and smiling. At one point, Julian Casablancas falls over and starts mumbling excited incoherencies into his microphone, while Fab’s mom shakes her hips and dances in a box by the side of the stage. She’s quite a mover, by the way.

Later, after a set by Guided By Voices, upcoming Atlantan comedian David Cross starts a shambolic New Year’s countdown, balloons flood the theater and members of GBV and [a]Strokes[/a] appear on stage together to perform a furious version of ‘The Modern Age’. It’s brilliant.

As [a]Strokes[/a] continue with ‘Trying Your Luck’ Julian shouts: “This beats the hell out of Times Square” and demands a stage invasion.

Fans teem onto the stage, guys shake their shaggy hair, rapturous girls try to touch each Stroke – Nick in particular gets two dozen kisses – and one persistent blonde clings adoringly to Julian’s waist. By the time they wind up the festivities with ‘Take It Or Leave It’, the band (of the year) are as delirious as the audience. Nobody who was here tonight will ever forget this amazing show.

After finishing off 2001 in such explosive style, the year 2002 looks very interesting indeed for [a]Strokes[/a].

You wouldn’t bet against anything.

Kimberly Taylor Bennett