NME Carling Awards Show: Lo-Fidelity Allstars/Capitol K/Nylon Pylon : London King’s Cross Scala

The first London line-up in a continuous series of gigs doesn't shirk its duties...

Tradition demands that NME Carling Awards Shows introduce the wider public to the shock of the new, the wayward, the obscure and the recently established. The first London line-up in a continuous series of gigs doesn’t shirk its duties.

The introspection of Manchester’s Nylon Pylon finds solace in mangled techno and house grooves while teething problems and an indifferent, bordering on hostile, crowd don’t help Capitol K much. With the right sound balance, the layers of swirling synths and dissonant samples would make a leftfield kind of sense. As it is the plug gets pulled on ’em.

Which isn’t the kind of fate that awaits [a]Lo-Fidelity Allstars[/a] – party maniacs to a man. The [a]Lo-Fidelity Allstars[/a] engage the senses with an artful blend of dance styles, held down by heavy hip-hop drums and topped up with chants, vocoder excursions and all manner of crowd-pleasing tactics. People who consider ’em dance music for [a]Oasis[/a] fans are wrong ; this is a thoroughly modern rock’n’roll troupe and more besides.

Dele Fadele