Aphex Twin/DMX Crew/Russell Haswell : London Astoria

The latest NME Carling Show sees drunken bodypopping, the 'Blankety Blank' theme tune and ear-splitting obscenities...

Ed DMX, the man behind DMX Krew, shambles onstage in a huge white boiler suit, pulls back his clear plastic protective hood, and gazes out over the crowd. He sees pierced, eyeliner-smeared goths, record-bag-clutching electronica geeks, and expectant, glow-stick clutching clubbers. It’s testament to the massive appeal of the devilish host of tonight’s NME Carling shindig, [a]Aphex Twin[/a]. Right now, though, whether they like it or not, they’re going to get a hefty dose of Kraftwerk.

Still, DMX Krew make a pretty good fist of reviving the spirit of electro-pop for the modern Rephlex raver. Fusing Super Mario game effects and the tune of ‘Camptown Races’ into his robotic mainframe, he unites the crowd with a very endearing display of drunken bodypopping.

But come 10pm, everyone’s thirsty for- [a]Aphex Twin[/a]. He does not disappoint. Over towards the far right of the stage, a shock of ginger hair looms out of the gloom – and there he is, shunning the spotlight, but triggering huge waves of lunatic breakbeat that easily fill the room. A ripped-up and re-stapled take on the ‘Blankety Blank’ theme tune heralds a 45-minute barrage of pure, stoopid – [a]Aphex Twin[/a]genius. If these tunes ever make it onto plastic, they’ll shift a million.

Perverting the very concept of wind-down is Young British Artist and sometime Merzbow collaborator Russell Haswell. Basically, extreme noise is Haswell’s canvas. And believe it or not, picking up a microphone and screaming ear-splitting obscenities over the likes of [a]So Solid Crew[/a]

‘s ’21 Seconds’ is Haswell in accessible mode. Phew.

Louis Pattison