London Highbury Garage

You have to admire the brazen cheek of it all....

You have to admire the brazen cheek of it all. Obviously struggling with the artistic torment of creating their usual hi-NRG sugar pop, bright-eyed, cuddly-jumpered trio 911 haven’t even bothered this time. Recognising, perhaps, that all they ever did was rework and destroy a handful of ’70s disco classics anyway, ‘There It Is’ abandons all notions of originality and covers – as the band helpfully explain on the sleeve – “some very early 911 influences”. Lord help us.

So let’s go through the motions and mention some tracks. All, incidentally, sound exactly the same: heavily produced and painstakingly polished, with the punchy disco beats that all the worst boy bands make their trademark disguising the puny vocals of Lee, Spike and Jimmy.

The standard schmaltzy attempts at R&B turn up with Rose Royce‘s ‘I Wanna Get Next To You’ and The Style Council‘s ‘You’re The Best Thing’, while recent Number Two single, ‘More Than A Woman’, fares slightly better as a cross between The Village People and Take That. Rick Astley‘s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, meanwhile, sounds like, well, Rick Astley.

So beware. 911 are Steps without the girls and they will be playing in hell.