Kittie : London Camden Electric Ballroom

...there's an aural rage here that doesn't seem to be gender-specific...

A fearsome scream rings out, followed by words so garbled there’s little connection to the English language, or indeed any other. Then come severe riffs, scythe-like and dunderheaded, as if to erase the rhythms until all an audience can do is literally feel the noise. If this weren’t the controlled environment of a concert in progress, the first reaction to [a]Kittie[/a] would be to run away. Very fast.

As things fall, the Canadian trio – who’ve also added an auxiliary bearded Amish-looking guitarist to deepen the sonic nightmare – merely show what happens when you wander off the Metal map without a compass. And their impossibly young acolytes respond with time-honoured devil-horn salutes.

Perhaps it’s the need for [a]Kittie[/a] to compete in a boys club of a musical world that has brought things to this pass. Maybe Morgan Lander, her sister Mercedes Lander and Talena Atfield are just metalheads having a well-deserved go at it. Whatever the motivation, there’s an aural rage here that doesn’t seem to be gender-specific. A cover of [a]Pink Floyd[/a]’s ‘Run Like Hell’ is aptly unrecognisable as such. And the riffology of the rifftastic ‘What I Always Wanted’ is of a very high grade indeed.

Someone from the opposite end of the musical spectrum would probably sum it up best. As rapper [a]DMX[/a]

once put it: [I]”It’s dark and hell is hot”[/I].

Dele Fadele