Goldrush : London ULU

...there's so much potential locked in there somewhere...

Last year, a bunch of skinny American wastrels with the best clothes, hair and cheekbones for 25 years crash-landed fully formed in Britain and effortlessly rekindled our love for all that’s great in music. But enough about [a]Tyde[/a]

– what’s Britain got to offer when it comes to doomed romanticism, sweet harmonies and paisley-hued guitars?

With a name like theirs, ,Goldrush don’t mind wearing their influences on their sleeve but that’s where the Neil Young comparisons end. ThinkTravis, thinkTurin Brakes, think zzzzzzzzz. Sorry, are we keeping you up?

Frustrating thing is, there’s so much potential locked in there somewhere. ‘Best Intentions’ comes from a lonely place indeed with its descending piano and repeated plea of [I]”How can I be what you want? When you always want too much”[/I] while ‘The Same Picture’ adds pop hooks and cynicism (a winning combination) to their slightly grey pallette.

Back home in Oxford, Goldrush organise an annual festival where similarly amiable bands play for hours on the back of a lorry. It’s a shame they choose to park it so dangerously close to the middle of the road.

Martin Horsfield