Queens Of The Stone Age : Los Angeles Troubadour

...we bow down on the ground, grovel before you, and worship the very ground that you walk upon...

For those about to rock, we salute you. Or in the case of[a]Queens Of The Stone Age[/a], we bow down on the ground, grovel before you, and worship the very ground that you walk upon. Why, you may ask? Well, because, as tonight’s show amply proves, [a]Queens Of The Stone Age[/a]

are, hands down, the greatest rock band on the planet.

And for the fortunate souls lucky enough to nab tickets to tonight’s show in this legendary, but intimate venue, that’s just what they get – 90 minutes of full-on, jet-propelled rock’n’roll. Billed as ‘An Evening of Fellowship and Communion’, the guest list is packed with everyone from[a]Breeders[/a]

’ Kim Deal to Matt Sorum, drummer for [a]Cult[/a] andGuns ‘N Roses. It’s an opportunity for the band to debut a number of tracks from their eagerly-awaited third album ‘Songs for the Deaf’. But most exciting of all is the appearance of ‘special guest member’, former Nirvana

sticksman Dave Grohl, reliving his glory days behind the drum kit.

Opening with the thunderous roar of ‘Monster in the Parasol’, the agenda is clear from the start. But with Grohl on board, [a]Queens Of The Stone Age[/a]

sound better than ever: his powerhouse drumming launches ‘Feel Good Hit of the Summer’ into the stratosphere, a sudden flashback of your golden memories of Nirvana’s heyday. By the time of ‘I Think I Lost My Headache’, a mere six songs in, he’s beaming, sweat-drenched, and stripped to the waist. It’s like the last decade never happened.

Interspersed amongst a bevy of [a][/a]

classics – ‘You Would Know’, ‘Avon’, ‘Tension Head’ – are a clutch of new songs, each and every one a stone cold classic. “Here’s another dance number”, sneers Homme, as [a][/a]

launch into ‘God’, a Grateful Dead haze of psychedelic guitars with former Screaming Trees singer Mark Lanegan a brooding presence at its helm. Lanegan also appears on ‘Hanging Tree’ and ‘Flow’, but pick of the night is new song ‘God’. A frighteningly intense slab of psychedelic punk rock, it’s essentially ‘Feel Good Hit of The Summer’ Mk 2, complete with a lead guitar riff stolen straight out of ‘Purple Haze’.

They hurtle through a mind-blowing ‘The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret’, and it’s suddenly over. “Queens! Queens!” shriek the crowd.

But there will be no encore. They might not follow all its traditions and protocols. But simply, this band [I]are[/I] rock’n’roll.

Jason Reynolds