Haven : London ULU

There's no defining moment...

Haven look tired. They’re back in London for the second

time in just over a month, promoting the re-release of

their debut single, ‘Til The End’. Just weeks ago, singer

Gary Briggs looked like a star waiting to be thrust into the

limelight. Tonight he’s more a star that needs to be tucked

up in bed with a cup of Horlicks, the poor lamb.

Briggs’ angelic voice just about carries Haven throughout,

pulling songs like ‘Out Of Reach’ out of mediocrity and into

something almost approximating the highs of their sporadically

charming ‘Between The Senses’ debut album.

On a good day Briggs could bring you to tears singing, say,

the theme from Dad’s Army. Here, now, you get the feeling

that a strenuous summer of festival appearances could break his

band either way. There’s no defining moment – it’s all too

forgettable for a group who have lofty ambitions to be the

biggest in the world.

Hopefully it’s just an off night. Maybe it’s more serious than

that. But for whatever reason, Haven try with their music to

break our hearts, and fail. The irony being, in failing to do

so, it’s the most heartbreaking thing of all.

Julian Marshall