Electrelane : Glasgow King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut

The revolution, inevitably, starts here...

Brighton belles in stylish Carnaby St clobber, Electrelane

are mistresses of sticky-fingered invention. Want your retro

electro-pop minus kitsch affectation? Try Farfisa freak-out

‘Blue Straggler’. Prefer your krautrock without the stench of

old Germans in raincoats? Check ‘Film Music”s heady drone.

Naturally, such musical initiative can be hard to pull off

live, and occasionally it all threatens to collapse to its

knees: ‘I’ve Been Your Fan Since Yesterday’ is stuffed with

fluffed notes and apologetic grimaces. But Electrelane

possess a disarmingly genuine zeal for every found sound

and lost chord they can get their impeccably manicured

mitts on.

Even those doubting the sincerity of the foursome’s

slogan-daubed slide-show and rabble-rousing instrumentals can

rest easy: these kids have dedicated their record label, Let’s

Rock!, to the “promotion and empowerment of women”. It may seem

a little contrived for some palates, but when it all comes

together, as it does on new single ‘I Want To Be The President’,

their bleep-laden invocation to insurrection is damn-near

irresistible. The revolution, inevitably, starts here.

Sarah Dempster