Clinic : London ULU

Let's hear it for freaked Scouse indie rock perversity...

Along with releasing an early single called ‘IPC Sub-Editors Dictate Our Youth’ Clinic‘s operating theatre surgical scrub stage garb has given the Liverpudlian band a reputation as weirdy conceptual rockers. Funny then, that when their rumbling post-indie kicks in, it’s brawny with riffs and originality. Front-surgeon Ade Blackburn tempers his twisted vocals with an angelic whine, while his three male nurse accomplices teeter on the edge of cliché-free rattle’n’roll. The punked up ‘Pet Eunuch’, sinister ‘Mister Moonlight’ and psychotic sing-a-long ‘Walking With Thee’ (all fresh from the new album of the same name) maintain the levels of warped charm which made ‘Monkey On My Back’ a cult anthem. ‘Evil Bill’ causes the Clinic acolytes in the front to freak, while ‘The Second Line’ continues to seduce with dirty organ riffs and melodica solos that reduce all conceptual barriers to rubble.

Yeah, they rock with an eerie sexiness. What’s really weird about a night out with Clinic, however, is that behind the masks they have far more in common with the sleaze-drone spirit of The Velvet Underground than you’d ever expect. Let’s hear it for freaked Scouse indie rock perversity.

Roger Morton