Kennedy Soundtrack : Nottingham Rock City

...limitless potential is revealed here...

Classed by the mean-spirited as just an identikit Lostprophets, on record The Kennedy Soundtrack instead jerk ambitiously between RATM’s fierce, barbed paranoia and summery inner-city trip-hop.

Tonight’s selection of tracks from the Newport quintet’s debut album ‘Tale Of 2 Cities’ should, like the LP, fluctuate between the stoned escapism of ‘Here 4 You’ and the title track’s enraged extremities. The reality is like viewing the undeveloped negative. Played as a straight slice of rap-rock, forthcoming single ‘Killing Music’ loses its sawn-off, Wu-inspired menace. Similarly, ‘Wrong Day’ fails to strain at its own leash and neuters the brittle effects that normally underwrite it.

Yet as soon as the nu-metal template’s abandoned, limitless potential is revealed here. Drunk on his own breathless licence, rapper Nic Havard is an insistent presence, spitting out mouthfuls of toxic wit to deliver ‘Bloodshot Eyes’. It’s these moments that reveal the Soundtrack‘s versatility – the Deftones‘ adamant grit and Senser‘s absorbing Brit-rap sheathed in intuitive pop colours. Neither Lostprophets nor lost promise, then, but distance to run before the sting in Cool Cymru’s tail proves more than a bitter end.

Tom Kirk