Hundred Reasons : Glasgow QMU

...your real-deal, unexpurgated hardcore package is right here...

Red eyed and raw, Hundred Reasons‘ debut album, ‘Ideas Above Our Station’, makes a solid case for the Surrey-based quintet being the anti-Creed. Because, tonight, their brazenly entertaining, emo-scented spectacle is the perfect antidote to rock’s current penchant for navel-gazing profundity. Guitarists Paul Townsend and Larry Hibbett career around the stage like the Two Stooges. Colin Doran, meanwhile, is the badly haired buoy at the centre of their mighty storm; post-hardcore’s very own Hairball XL5.

While their obvious sense of showmanship elicits the occasional chuckle, it’s the Reasons‘ way with The Riff that sees tonight’s sell-out crowd erupt like a big Scottish geyser. Thrusting its head above the iron-wrought parapet of every song with break-neck regularity, the riff in question is, refreshingly, a brazenly Luddite beast. Instrumental ‘I’ll Find You’ is the charge of the light-brigade via Iron Maiden‘s tool-box, while ‘Gone Too Far’ (featuring Doran’s pantomime horse convulsions) is AC/DC melted down and poured into Idlewild‘s crap jeans. All of which makes for a bracing riposte to the current vogue for sounding a bit like Soft Cell, not to mention a hearty fist to the jaw of every belly-aching nu-metal bozo who ever tried to pass himself off as a purveyor of genuine musical thrills. For those about to rock, take heed: your real-deal, unexpurgated hardcore package is right here. Hundred Reasons are all you need.

Sarah Dempster