Burn : London EC2 Cargo

...a totally all-consuming live experience...

Every time Noel Gallagher opens his mouth to laud a new band, not-so-fond memories of the gloriously godawful like of Northern Uproar and Proud Mary are revived. Luckily, however, his recent tips have been winners: first BRMC and now Blackburn’s bearded, cocksure The Burn.

This latest bunch of northern upstarts open with a vast psychedelic lullaby housing the very sweetest melodies to light the way through the acoustic based, bluesy-folk implosions that follow. The journey flows with more rocky, yet equally tuneful stompers, borrowing every riff going from ‘The Second Coming’ to douse us with soulful harmonies, before proceeding to offer up ‘Steel Kneel”s gigantic voodoo assault.

The Burn are at their glorious best when they ditch trad singalongs like ‘Smiling Face’ and head for the hills of darkened prog extremity, however. ‘Sally O’Matress’ is an epic masterpiece, crashing torrents of swirling, volcanic bass-lines over a reserved yet profound McCabe-like guitar. Taking any hype and sticking a hot poker up its arse, The Burn prove themselves to be a totally all-consuming live experience. And Noel’s future career as an A&R talent scout’s not looking too shabby, either.

Andrew Future