Aphex Twin/Squarepusher : Glastonbury The Glade

Shock Glasto sets from the dance heavyweights...

Peace and love and psychedelic trance might be [I]de riguer[/I] at Glastonbury, but there are limits. Secluded dance spot The Glade’s first superstar secret guest, Richard D James, aka Aphex Twin, cocks a snoot at the festival’s prevailing mellow flavours and unleashes an hour of brutal brain floss before 1,000 startled hippies.

His first Glasto appearance since, what, 1997, encompasses amped-up darkcore rave, classic drum’n’bass and plenty of mutilated gabba, much to the delight of those who believed the rumours and headed up to The Glade for a battering at sunset.

Wearing a green top and his hair tied back, Aphex‘s rough-handed assault should ideally have been much louder and longer. A final spin of vintage [a][/a]prepares the swelling audience for an excellent set by [a][/a], whose dippy melodies and digital crunch ease many into a night of fairy-winged debauchery.

But the treats for ravers this weekend don’t end there: first Aphex, then the following evening his good friend Tom Squarepusher