Leaves : Reykjavik Kari

Leaves already sound like a band to fall in love with

Only a place as surreal and magical as Iceland could spawn a band special enough to really deserve the honoured title of The New Radiohead. Unlike others less worthy of such comparisons, local four piece Leaves hark back to the glorious early days of Thom and co., aping their chaos and grace rather than pinching their sound verbatim and leaving the soul behind. Though tonight is only their third hometown gig (they recently co-headlined with The Strokes here and blew them off stage), Leaves already sound like a band to fall in love with.

Impossibly fresh-faced with a Beck lookalike singer, Arnar Gudjonsson, they sound as claustrophobic, beautiful and plain mystifying as the scenery of their homeland. Forthcoming single ‘Catch’ has the Saturday night swagger of classic Suede, ‘Suppose’ is a plaintive acoustic sigh while the epic wail of ‘Silence’ singlehandedly plots Leaves‘ path to stadium glory. All the while, Arnar attacks his guitar with a tense conviction that makes him mesmerising to watch, though he actually does little. It’s entertainment enough to wonder how such a spectacularly forceful voice comes from such an unassuming body. And why on earth such an affecting, important band still remain largely a secret.

Siobhan Grogan