The Datsuns : Los Angeles Spaceland

It's clear from the start things are going to get messy

It’s clear from the start things are going to get messy.

Damn lucky for us that this Kiwi quartet – our best hope at snatching the new music revolution out of the hands of uniformed Swedes in skinny ties – have another agenda in mind. An agenda imbibed with the spirit of The Stooges, devoutedly aping the MC5 and, yes, even offering distinct nods towards stadium-straddling ’70s rockers AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. Tonight Dolf, Christian, Phil and Matt (remember those names, they’ll come in handy in the future) roar through their eight-song set like the band your mother always warned you about.

From opener ‘Think For the Man’ onwards, The Datsuns seize the moment by its groin, ravaging through the rawest, rudest, and most unruly rock since, well… since long before we all were born. They thrash, jump, and howl near-primal screams on ‘Motherfucker From Hell’ and shake some synchronized guitar whirling action for ‘Harmonic Generator’, body slamming like the loudest band in the world taking no prisoners. Christian leaps from the stage on ‘In Love’ and the speckled dance floor parts as he grinds out the meanest guitar solo since Slash and Axl were flatmates. They leave us gasping for more on ‘Freeze, Sucker’ with its speedy jam. Tonight’s unfortunate headliners prepare to follow the world’s most essential new group. “Are you happy to see us?” their frontman quips. Not sure he’d like the answer after The Datsuns.

Jolie Lash