The Pattern : London WC1 Metro

...they've got the real goods...

In a strange twist, the minute you step foot inside the cavern-like Metro Club on a drab Monday night, you are immediately transported from Oxford Circus tourist hell into what appears to be a chic lifestyle magazine launch party. Not only is everyone here over from the US of A, but they are also waaaay to cool to lift their eyes, let alone their hands, to welcome the rock and roll they probably haven’t just paid to see. But if it is these fashionistas who have given American garage-punk a bad name in recent months, then The Pattern are going to do their best to clear it. Forget the Liars or The Realistics, these guys don’t need a Brooklyn postal address to grab your attention. No, instead they’ve got the real goods – namely a super-charged, high-adrenaline, riff-driven fiend of a stage show.

With more than a passing penchant for ’60s R&B, The Pattern fire through just-released album ‘Real Feelness’ in a whirl of nervous energy and bratty teen spunk. Sure, frontman Christopher Appelgreen, can’t sing for shit, but who cares when he can whine like a snotty Jack White shaking his skinny frame like Little Richard has just entered the building. And if he’d only stop sucking his thumb and wittering on like a coked-up Jim Morrison during every song break, he’d be pretty damn cool to boot. Still, it’s somehow all the more endearing given the company: we’d love to applaud but it’s simply not de rigueur, darling.

Krissi Murison