Pretty Girls Make Graves : Glasgow King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut

This is disco-trash-hardcore-sleaze-rock of the highest order

And now another bunch of young pretenders stepping up to claim this week’s much-pawed trophy for best new band. The current (though long overdue) exhumation of inspiring guitar bands may be getting a bit silly, but PGMG have got something else to offer up. Or – more precisely – someone else in the form of Andrea Zollo – infinitely more shaggable and inspiring than those skinny, scuzzy, NY boys, scandewegian garage revivalists or London poseurs.

Any Smiths comparisons suggested by their choice of band name are blasted away in the first five seconds. ‘Do you remember what the music meant?’ demands Zollo during ‘Speakers Push the Air’, while the guys attempt to ravage their instruments to within an inch of their lives. Drawing the best from ’80s hardcore their infamous Seattle precursors and the current crop of guitar heroes, when they rasp ‘And nothing else matters/ When I turn it up loud’, it isn’t difficult to believe.

She may give the appearance of a little girl dressing up and playing rock stars, but Zollo knows exactly what she’s doing. This is disco-trash-hardcore-sleaze-rock of the highest order; nothing else comes close.

Debbie Prior