Papa Roach : Barcelona Razzmatazz 2

It's their back catalogue that's Papa Roach's saviour tonight

A mess of contradictions, Jacoby Shaddix. Look at him tonight: first he blows kisses at the audience, then he spits water at them. He whirls gently around the stage. But then he remembers something, like, real bad and pounds his chest like an Adidas-clad King Kong.

In line with their singer’s split personality, this is a time of transition for Papa Roach. Once the inhabitants of a neighbourhood where nu-metal, rap and pressing social issues lived side by side, recent album ‘Lovehatetragedy’ saw the band heading towards nearby Classic Rock City. And, initially at least, Barcelona isn’t along for the ride. The crowd need some guidance to acclimatise themselves to the bands new back-to-basics material.

“Let’s keep this shit moving”, the former Coby Dick shouts encouragingly before launching into a feral ‘Walking Thru Barbed Wire’. While Shaddix stamps, pounds his chest and rants through ‘Decompression Period’, they give nodding acceptance and punch the air, but somehow they still aren’t quite there. So Shaddix takes to the bar, orders a lager and promptly pours it over his head.

Beer-centred shenanigans aside, it takes chunks of seismic rock-rap from 2000’s ‘Infest’ for Papa Roach to really win Barcelona over. A thundering ‘Broken Home’ and rabid ‘Between Angels And Insects’ provoke the biggest cheers and most frenzied crowd-surfing. It’s their back catalogue that’s Papa Roach‘s saviour tonight. Where they go from here, however, is anyone’s guess.

Amanda August